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EEA Management Committee

The European Elevator Association (EEA) is managed by a Committee designated by the Member companies. The Management Committee (Conseil de Gérance) consists of one president and between 4 and 7 members. It plays the role of Strategic Committee for the association, closely following the safety, quality and environment issues that the elevator, escalator and moving walk industry has to tackle. The Management Committee designates five of its members to the Board of Directors of the European Lift Association (ELA), the association of associations that regroups most lift industry associations and represents the largest proportion of the market in the sector.


Jorge Estévez, ThyssenKrupp


Aitor Mendia

Thierry Jomard, Otis

Jorge Ligüerre, Schindler

Juha Mennander, Kone

Rudolf Ramseier, Cobianchi Liftteile

Olivier Terryn, Octé

Roberto Zappa, Sematic

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